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Clara Colby, widow and mother of a fourteen-year-old daughter, inherits her grandmother’s estate, including an old farmhouse, fifty acres and the Burton Grayson Memorial Shelter. Uprooting herself and her daughter from Chicago to rural Wisconsin, wasn’t an easy decision, but how hard could it be to run an animal shelter?

When Clara arrives at the farmhouse, she’s surprised to find her identical twin, CeCe, a high fashion model, already living there. The surprises continue when her parents show up in a motorhome ready to head out on a second honeymoon. And while Clara struggles to handle an overcrowded animal shelter, the biggest surprise happens when she finds the shelter’s most loyal volunteer murdered and left in a dog kennel.

After the police discover incriminating evidence, they charge Clara’s father with the murder. Now, Clara and CeCe must discover the true killer before their father is sentenced to life in prison and their mother suffers a nervous breakdown.

A Clara Colby Mystery
Book One

Killer at the Kennel

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My father is innocent. They arrested the wrong person.”

Copyright © 2024 by Nancy Garner

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A Clara Colby Mystery
Book Two

Luck of the Irish Setter

Forthcoming late summer 2024

Copyright © 2024 by Nancy Garner

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About the Author

Nancy Garner is a lifelong resident of Illinois and shares her home with her husband and three rescue dogs. She is retired after working 25 years at a local newspaper. For several years she volunteered at an animal rescue shelter. Her dream was to write novels. Now that her two children are grown, she spend her time walking her fur children, and writing.


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